Hello there!

After many months of writing and designing webpages for others, I finally decided to jump into the deep end.  Welcome to Sips of Coffey, where I hope to share the frustrating, the annoying and the beautiful of expat life.  I also want to write more about this wonderful city and country that we have called home for the past three years.

Three years ago this week, my husband and I, and our two young children landed in Ireland.  We moved here for his job, and the opportunity to experience life overseas.  We knew no one, had no family history in Ireland, and oh – we had just found out we were unexpectedly expecting our third child.  It has been a wild and crazy ride. Fresh off an MBA and Masters in Public Policy, I had planned to find a job in Dublin.  But between a surprise pregnancy, the most expensive childcare costs in Europe, and a work permit process that was far from transparent, life has taken a different path. But then again, I don’t know anyone whose life has turned out exactly how they planned it.  I’m passionate about food, travel (with and without kids), and really good coffee.

So whether you’re interested in the ins and outs of traveling with young children, expat life, or Ireland in general, I hope you’ll join along.

x Rheagan

4 thoughts on “Hello there!”

  1. So glad you are taking the plunge into the the blogging world. I have been hoping you would for a while, as I am always intrigued by your tweets and photographs. As someone else whose carefully planned path in life took more than a few sharp turns and one or two roundabouts thanks to the hubs’ career, I cannot wait to hear about your experiences. Good luck!

    Also, you have such an eye for color in your photos. Excited about seeing more of them.

  2. Thank you Sarah for your kind words! I don’t feel the like the website is quite where I want it, but there’s no time like the present.

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