Friday Finds

Jam Bars

My weekly post of interesting things from around the internet:


It is blackberry season here.  Wild blackberries grow everywhere – on the side of the road, at the local parks and playgrounds.  The plant is quite thorny, and will spread almost anywhere, but the wild blackberries at the end of the summer make amends for its flaws.  We have picked 10+ quarts in the past week.

To make use of all the blackberries, I made blackberry refrigerator jam.

And then I took some the jam and made these amazing jam bars. The bars did not last one evening at our house.

Family & Expat Life:

Whether you’re Catholic or not, this is hilarious. 5 Things You Should Have Done in Premarital Counseling.

As an expat, the transition back into your ‘adopted’ country is never easy.  This article gets that.

In & Around Dublin:

Have you heard of The Caterpillar?  It is a magazine of stories, art and poetry for kids.  I hope to buy one this weekend.

After Wednesday’s post, a friend (Thanks Caroline!) told me about the Dublin Coffee & Tea Festival next weekend. I am tempted!   Kingfisher Tea, owned by another friend of mine, will be at the festival.  If you want to win tickets to the festival, pop over to their Facebook page.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.  We have a family fun day with the local GAA club, college football watching (gotta give sports on both sides of the Atlantic their due), and I’m hoping to add a few more features to the blog.  See you on Monday.

x Rheagan