Friday Finds

Is it Friday already?  Where did the week go?  Our car is in the shop, so we’re sticking close to home this weekend, but that’s ok because there is plenty going on around here.  It is still blackberry season.  I think I might be addicted – I snapped this picture last weekend while picking blackberries near our house.


We are trying to eat more lentils, so we made these sloppy joes last week.  I was skeptical, but the recipe was great!

A piece on NPR about why the US refrigerates eggs, and the rest of the world does not.  Here in Ireland, eggs are sold on the shelf, usually near the bread or produce.  When we first moved here, I was CONVINCED we would all get salmonella.  I would buy eggs, and put them directly into the fridge.  However, our fridge is so small, I gave up storing the eggs there.  I just keep them on the counter, and we have never had salmonella. Really going native now!


Would you rather live in the city, the suburbs, or in a rural setting?  Design Mom explores this question, and the comments are fascinating.  I used to think I knew exactly where I wanted to live, but now I’m not so sure. I love the walkability of Europe, and convenient public transit options.  But when I’m in the US, I love the wide open roads, and all the conveniences of suburban life.  Parking! Target! Drive-through Starbucks!


Very tempted to use one of these items, just to see the reaction of other travelers.

Like this author, I try to dress nicely while traveling.  I feel better if I look better, and I find I receive better service as well.   If I can manage to do this on an international flight with three kids in tow, surely everyone else can at least get out of their pajamas!

Have a lovely weekend!

x Rheagan