Friday Finds – Autumnal Equinox Edition

After a long and wonderful Indian summer, we have settled into fall here in Ireland.  The mornings are crisp, the temperatures cooler, and the nights are closing in fast.  The autumnal equinox was earlier this week, and we are losing over 4 minutes per day of daylight right now (30 minutes a week!)  We will continue to lose daylight until the winter solstice, but thankfully, the rate will slow down a bit.  While we savor what is left of of the fall weather, here are a few links for your weekend reading:


Jump into fall with this Butternut Squash dish.  We made it this week.  It’s perfect for cool days, but not too heavy.

We picked some more blackberries. (This is the last time…really…) We didn’t have any sugar, so I used this recipe to make a blackberry-pear crisp.

Expat Life:

I found a great expat blog, Taking Route, this week through a link from a friend of a friend. This post is particularly good.   Looking forward to seeing more from them!

How to Say Goodbye.  One of the things that most impresses me about my kids and this expat life, is how comfortable they are at saying goodbye.  Not that they don’t miss their friends and family in the US.  Not that they don’t get homesick.  They are just much better at living in the moment than adults are.

Other Randomness:

I don’t see much US television, but this video from John Oliver about the Miss America Pageant was hilarious.  Bonus!  He gives a plug for Society of Women Engineers, which could always use more scholarship donations.

At what point does “maintaining your brand” take over your life?  An honest look at blogging at the professional level from the New York Times.


Have a lovely weekend!  See you here on Monday!

x Rheagan