Halloween Costume Purgatory

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  Tonight, Brad and I have been in Halloween costume purgatory.  The annual expat Halloween party is tomorrow, and we hadn’t started finished the kids’ costumes.  This year, I made the mistake of asking the kids, “What would you like to be for Halloween?”  rather than suggesting some cheap/easy to find costumes.

  • Isaac requested Dusty from Planes. Super. That should be easy to find on this island.
  • Liesl requested Rosie from Thomas the Tank Engine. “Because purple is my favorite color!”
  • Patrick wanted to be a fire truck.  Never mind that perfectly good fireMAN costume we already have.  Oh no…if his siblings were going as something original, so was he.

So, Brad and I spent most of the evening cutting, painting, and sewing.

There was the cutting of the panels

The drying of the panels.

The realization that the paint was not drying, and thus an effort to speed it along.

The cutting, trimming, and raiding the Halloween candy stash.

And the carnage at the end.


We’re not done yet, but the paint has to dry overnight.  Next year, all the kids are going as ghosts.

Goodnight all, xRheagan