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Friday Finds

What a week! I went to the Web Summit here in Dublin – the largest tech conference in Europe.  I saw tons of interesting ideas, startups, and speakers.  Now my head is full of information, and I’m trying to sort it all out.  (I wrote a brief post on Wednesday about my initial takeaways.)  While I ponder the future of tech (or other, less-challenging topics), a few links for your weekend:

On Not Owning a House.  As an expat in one of the most expensive property markets around, this post reminded me to be content with what we have, rather than letting the green-eyed monster take over.  Thanks Karen!

46 Things about Mr. Rogers.  Such a sweet list.  My kids now watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and it reminds me of the wonderful world of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood that I watched as a child.

This conversation made me laugh. We’re not like this at all! (Thanks, Andrea!)

A few of these toys are making it onto our Christmas list.

The oldest known separate map of Ireland will go for auction at Christie’s next week.  At the time the map was drawn in 1468, Ireland was the westernmost point in the known world.  Fascinating to think about.

Finally, I heard the founder of, Hadi Partovi, speak at the Web Summit this week. I found his story, and his idea – expanding computer science education to all children – very compelling.  They are encouraging teachers, students, and parents to participate in the Hour of Code event  – a one-hour introduction into computer science.  Dec 8-14.  No experience or knowledge of code is necessary!  Have you ever participated?

(I’m actually not a huge fan of technology in the classroom for young children, but I am a fan of logic education and I totally agree with his premise that computer science education is really foundational for ALL careers, not just tech careers.  I’ll probably expand this into a longer post in the future.)

Have a great weekend all!

x Rheagan