Patrick in the Rain

Friday Finds

Hello friends!

Happy (almost) Valentine’s/Gal-entines/Singles Awareness Day! Do you have anything special planned?  Brad and I have a very romantic day of kid-schlepping and grocery shopping ahead of us.  We are avoiding the crowds and staying in for Valentine’s Day.  We have become big fans of rugby since moving to Ireland, and the Six Nations’ Tournament is going on right now.  Ireland plays France tomorrow!

Your weekly dose of interesting weekend links from around the internet.

Have you heard of M.M. LaFleur?  It’s a service that specializes in sophisticated clothes for professional women. You fill out a profile and survey, and they ship you a box of clothes based on your preferences.  You’re only charged for the items you keep. I wish they had this service in Ireland!

Stumbled upon this website a few weeks ago.  Love the aesthetic.  Who says you can’t have great taste and kids at the same time?

Have you ever pumped at work?  You’ll love this story.

Considering we got the largest butternut squash I have ever seen in our veg box today, I’m thinking about trying this recipe next week.

I loved this list of 10 “somethings” every child’s room needs.


It rained off and on all day today, but at least it wasn’t windy or as cold as it has been.  Patrick enjoyed stomping in all the puddles, as I snapped this pic.  I think he would be a great advertisement for Travelers Insurance.

Have a great weekend, and if all else fails, just think:  all chocolate will be on sale on Sunday!

x Rheagan