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Friday Finds

Hi everyone!

I missed Friday Finds last week due to traveling from Portugal back to Dublin.  It’s hard to believe that just a week ago, we were in sunny Portugal.  At least it is sunny, if not warm, here!  I had to go into city centre this morning to run a few errands and it was such a lovely morning. I had actually been dreading the trip, just because it killed my work time this morning, but the streets were so fresh and bustling, it was hard to stay grumpy for long!  Above is Drury Street, one of my favorites.  A few weekend links for your reading pleasure.

Ever meet a Roisín, Caoimhe, or Eoghan and subsequently butchered their names? You’ll enjoy this video.

Good news for expats!  Living overseas could make you more creative!

The dollar is strong against the euro.  While this is bad news for me, there’s never been a better time for my US friends to visit Europe.

I loved this article.  Proof that innovation does not equal technology in all cases.  It reminded me of two life-changing literature classes I took in high school, from two excellent teachers (Mr Biggers and Ms McFarland) that espoused many of the points this teacher has raised.

We’re making pizza with purple sprouting broccoli tonight.  Have you ever eaten this vegetable?  It’s a new one to us…

See you back here next week!

x Rheagan

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