View from Rooftop Deck

How Portugal is like Red River (and other tales from my childhood)

Greetings from Portugal!  We are here for a week of fun in the sun (and warmth!)  Well…that was the plan at least.  The resort is beautiful, but we apparently brought the Irish weather with us.  When Brad and I decided earlier this year that we weren’t taking a summer trip to Texas, we knew we would need to “get off the island” for a few days over Easter break.  We chose Portugal because it is reliably warm at this time of year, and we had some friends going as well.  We joke that this is NOT cultural tourism.  It’s all about seeing the sun and avoiding the rain.  Well that worked out swimmingly! Ha!


But is has me thinking… When I was growing up in the Texas Panhandle, it was very common to drive over to the mountains near Red River, or Santa Fe, New Mexico or similar for a long weekend.  In the summer, it was to escape the heat, and in the winter, for a bit of skiing. If it was Christmas break or Spring break, we might go to Colorado, but in general – if we wanted a quick getaway, Red River was just the place.  You would probably run into someone you knew at the local restaurant or grocery store, or even more likely, at the Dairy Queen in Clayton, NM.  It wasn’t fancy or exotic, but it provided a chance to hang out in a different place.  In reality, the Algarve peninsula of Portugal is very similar. It’s about the same amount of travel time from Dublin to Portugal. It’s mostly resorts that serve Irish and UK residents.  We are staying in a self-catering apartment in a resort.  We can walk to the beach, play in the indoor pool, (or the outdoor pool – if the weather was warmer), eat fabulous cheese and drink Portuguese wine on our patio overlooking the ocean. And that’s basically what we have done this week.  It sounds more exotic to say, “We’re going to Portugal for the week!”  But it’s really just a chance to relax as a family, catch up on some reading, and enjoy time with friends.

Watching the rain fall

Regardless of where you live in the world, a chance to get away is always welcome!