Winter Break Legos

Friday Finds

How are you, friends? It is finally Christmas Break here at our house.  I think I have been counting the days since at least 2 weeks ago – mainly because I hate the school run.  How I long for a house across from the school, like I had growing up!  My kids are definitely ready for a few weeks of low-key down time.  They wasted no time getting engrossed in legos this afternoon.  Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  I finished last week, but I think my husband still has almost ALL his shopping left.  (His excuse: “I have nearly all of next week!”)

A few links for your enjoyment – between caroling, gift wrapping, and holiday parties, of course!

This post on Babyccino about kids and electronics.  I found it to be such a lovely, non-judgmental post.  I have been meaning to write about my thoughts on the same subject, but cannot imagine that I could say the same words with such grace.

What Happened when I Lived According to Pinterest.  Hilarious, and yet raised interesting points at the same time.

I gave one of these calendars as a gift this year. I’m tempted to order one for myself!

I made a wreath from the clippings from our Christmas tree last week using this tutorial, which I found on Pinterest. The end result wasn’t terrible:

Finished product, for now. May add more tomorrow.#diy #Christmas

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A friend of mine made Swedish Vetebröd last week.  Her’s looked amazing, and I hope to make this recipe (her recommendation) this coming week.

Why do I see this in my near future? I don’t think we have too much that needs to be assembled…

Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends, and everyone else have a lovely weekend too!