Phoenix Park

Friday Finds

Hello all!

Look at this – Friday Finds on a FRIDAY. Who knew?! How was your week?  It was such a strange week here – one day of work and school, and then St. Patrick’s Day holiday, then back to the normal world for a few more days.  The weather was also on-again, off-again rain, but we went on an early evening walk in Phoenix Park one day.  Liesl and Isaac played hide-and-go-seek amongst the huge trees.  You can barely see them at the bottom of the picture. The days are finally getting longer.  I hope your St. Patrick’s Day was full of good cheer and Irish luck!

A few links to get you through the weekend.

Would you rather your child try marijuana or alcohol?

Mathematical equations that changed the world. Proud to say I actually knew most of these!

Empowering books for little girls’ (or little boys’) bookshelves. Several of my favorites made this list.

How to humiliate yourself in Europe.  Definitely guilty on some of these. (Also, in regards to tipping, I have also forgotten to tip in the US – I’m so used to just “rounding up” to the next euro.  Equally embarrassing!)

“There is a difference between being actively challenged and being passively influenced.” A great read about the power social media can have on our lives.

Also – in case you haven’t noticed – the dollar is strong against the euro.  A great time to visit Ireland.  Need more reasons?  Check out these.

See you again next week!

x Rheagan