When things go awry

Last week was one of those weeks.

My entire family, excluding me, caught the stomach bug.

Our car started spontaneously leaking diesel.

Our neighbor was burgled (such a funny word), and we discovered that our alarm system was not working.

I got onto the blog early in the week to draft a post, and found that all of my custom settings had reverted back to the wordpress default.  FUN!

In the midst of the chaos, I decided to just take the main page offline for a bit while I figured out what went wrong.  As the week slowly passed, I found myself editing bits and bobs of the website, fixing not only the bugs, but also some other settings I wanted to change.  I guess that was the main benefit of last week.  As things began to really go awry, I cancelled meetings, delegated responsibility to others, and spent a lot of time at home.   I could not go anywhere for very long, so I had some idle time to work on the things that are always on the back burner. I finally added an About Me page. (I’ll add a picture as soon as I can get the one I want off my other computer.) I added a Sites I Love page.  I added a menu at the top with posts grouped by popular category, and I tweaked the colors and fonts.  I don’t have everything exactly how I want it to look (the pictures are too big, the headings are too small…), but if I waited for perfection, we would be looking at the placeholder page forever.

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday, in Ireland.  As we limped towards the weekend, I told Brad that all I really wanted for Mother’s Day was a healthy family.  Thankfully everyone has fully recovered.  I got some daffodils and we finally got out of the house for a walk at Phoenix Park.  The air was cold and the light was flat, but we all needed some time outdoors.  Perhaps, in the end, a little bit of forced downtime was good for all of us.