Friday Finds

Hello all!

I met a friend for coffee this morning at this tiny, but amazing, coffee house.  I loved this poster they had tacked to the wall.  Life would probably be more enjoyable for all of us if we had more talking and less wifi.

The weekend is upon us.  Do you have any plans?  After a crazy week, our weekend is almost completely activity-free.  I feel like the weekends are either one extreme or the other – super busy or super quiet.  The weather was beautiful all week long, but the rain has returned just in time for the weekend. Oh happy day.  All that greenery and verdure has to come from somewhere, right?

Kids & Family

Do your kids watch Doc McStuffins?  It’s made right here in Dublin and just won a Peabody award!  Congrats to Brown Bag Films!

My kids love poetry.  Did you know that April is National Poetry Month in the US?  (I didn’t.)  This is a great article about using poetry with kids.   We enjoy reading poems at bedtime.  The ones by Robert Lewis Stevenson are some of our favorites.


Are you apart of the “Oregon Trail Generation“?

Is Intel just throwing money at the tech industry’s diversity problem, or will it move the needle?  Only time will tell.

Expats & Careers

I feel like I’m in the middle of reinventing my career plans (see this post).  Apparently it’s a theme in expat life.

Is becoming the trailing spouse the graveyard of ambition?  (The title seems negative, but I found the post to be really good.)

I have followed Zoe Rooney for awhile.  I loved her thoughts on soft skills and web development.


That’s all from me.  Have a great weekend everyone!

x Rheagan

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