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Friday Finds – June Bank Holiday!

Hi Everyone –

I hope every one has had a great few weeks. I had family in town, and then we spent a long weekend in London. I’ll have a post next week about our wild adventures – like seeing this charming sign in Marylebone!  This weekend is a three-day weekend in Ireland because Monday is a bank holiday.  The American in me is hoping for warm days, backyard grilling, and enjoying the summer sun.  But this is Ireland.  And nothing says “summer bank holiday” like cool temperatures and wet and windy conditions.  It should make for fun times all around.

While I spend the weekend cursing the weather, hopefully you will get some enjoyment out of these links!

Love the snark in these new words from Urban Dictionary.  Expand your vocabulary!

I live in a UNESCO City of Literature, and I have yet to visit all of these bookshops.

What Estate Agents Say vs. What they really mean. Ha!  As someone who lives over on this side of the pond, I have heard these more times than I can count.  My personal favorite was a home we looked at that was advertised as “not overlooked to the back” (i.e. no neighbors directly behind the home.)  What they really meant:  “Backs up to a PRISON!”

Since we aren’t going to the US this summer, maybe I should plan this road trip instead.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

x Rheagan