Temple Bar: Old Vs New

May Day Friday Finds

Happy May Day Everyone!

It is May Day here in Ireland, and we are headed into a bank-holiday weekend!  Although May Day is technically today, the bank (national) holiday here is on Monday.  May Day is part International Workers’ Day – most similar to Labor Day in the US, and part celebration of spring in Europe.  Of course, you wouldn’t really know that by the weather here.  It was about 45-50F (8-10C) for most of the day, with a brisk north wind to really make you wish you were some place warmer.  Sadly, the weather isn’t expected to improve until Monday, but I’ll keep my hopes up that the Met Office is wrong this time!

While I dream of warm spring weather, here are a few weekend links:

That’s one way to get potholes fixed on your street! (NSFW) Ha!

The key to success is trusting yourself.”  And having a classic wrap dress.

How far would you go for a Nespresso? 😉

Thought-provoking, piece about teaching in an at-risk school.  Really loved this. And apparently it was also picked up by The Washington Post.

People who work 70 hours/week are no more productive than people who work 55 hours/week.  How to use weekends to your benefit.

Womp-womp. Cheesy jokes – great for kids, and anyone else.

I snapped this picture in Temple Bar a few weeks ago.  Such a great juxtaposition of new versus old! Have a great weekend everyone!

x Rheagan