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Mother’s Day Weekend Links

Happy Saturday!

Sorry for the one-day delay for Friday Finds.  Plenty going on here, just like everyone else.  Mother’s Day in Ireland was nearly two months ago, so beyond my social media, I don’t see any mention of Mothers Day.  I had to buy my mother a generic, yet pretty card because I forgot to buy her card in March.  (Sorry Mother!)   It’s like trying to buy Christmas cards right now – they just aren’t available.  If you celebrate Mother’s Day, have a wonderful day!  If not – you should still have a wonderful day!

Putting the “Tex” back in “texting”.  I am getting these emojis as soon as they are available!

Probably guilty of too many of these.  Sorry Natalie!

Good news for those of us highly-educated moms with three (or more) kids.

Some thoughts on why some men and women fake an 80-hour work week, and how they do it.  I have more to say on this topic, but I think I’ll just leave it for now.

I loved these Empathy Cards.  Such a good way to put a bad experience to good use.

And in honor of Mother’s Day – “7 Things Good Mother’s Do That I’m Not Going to Do Anymore“. Banish the guilt!

Have a great weekend everyone!

x Rheagan

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