No Uniform Day!

Has school ended yet?!

We are in the last dregs of the school year here in Dublin.  I feel like we are stumbling, limping, across the finish line – which isn’t until Tuesday, June 30th.  I must be living in a warped zone where time stands still.   This week lasted at least 8364 days.

Before I had children, also known as my “expert parent” days, I expected that I wouldn’t fall into the “End-of-School-year-apathy” that I saw in other parents.  “Learning is fun!  Why not enjoy it in the spring as well as the fall?! It’s just a few more weeks!”  Ha.  Now, because God has a sense of humor, I live in a country that goes another month past my American counterparts.  For all of May and June, I see social media posts about “end of school parties” and summer vacations, as we slog on through the rain.  What is even stranger is that only primary schools go through the end of June.  That’s right my friends, secondary school (7th-12th grade, appx), gets out at the end of May.  Is this some sort of cruel joke?  What about parents with a child in primary school and a child in secondary school?  Absolutely ridiculous. So to add to my lack of motivation and energy, I drive right by an empty secondary school that seems to mock me on each school run.

Isaac is down to one uniform, and even that is stretching it a bit.  He has one faded blue uniform polo, and a pair of navy shorts.  His school uniform is a blue polo, navy sweatpants/tracksuit pants, and a navy blue sweatshirt with the school crest on it.  Well, the weather has just begun to warm up (woo hoo!  70 degreess baby!) and Isaac wants to wear shorts to school.  Technically the school sells uniform shorts, but who is going to buy those for literally 10 days of wear.  Not this cheap parent!  I found a pair of navy shorts from last summer that still fit and called it good. (The picture from above was taken from a rare “No Uniform Day”, where Isaac wanted to wear his new Texas sweatshirt Brad picked up at the Co-op in Austin.  True Texas boy right there!)

Taking a look around the school yard today, I’m not the only one improvising their way through the end of school.  I’m looking at you, parent with the child that wore the Dublin GAA jersey to school today.  The jersey is light blue and navy, and so are the school colors.  Sounds like a win to me!  Or the dubious school lunches we are packing.  Raisins and gummies definitely count as fruit! Or those of us that so dutifully got our children to school well before the 8:50 morning bell in the fall, are now racing into class just before they close the gates.  Not exactly an early start.  Do you know how hard it is to get kids to go to sleep when the sun doesn’t set until 10, and it is light until midnight?! Ahh summer solstice, I’ve never been happier to see you come and go.

I feel like I am living in Jen Hatmaker’s epic post from two years ago, where she claims that she is the “Worst End of School Year Mom Ever”.  I’m right there with her.

Solidarity my friends. 3 more days.  I know it’s only a matter of time before I’m thinking, “Is it time for school to start again?”