Irish Museum of Modern Art

Last Minute Weekend Links

Happy weekend everyone!

As Sunday draws to a close, I hope you had a great weekend.  Ours was busy, but Brad and I celebrated our 12th anniversary with a very random date last night – a cocktail club, an event at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, and then a trip to the local fish & chips joint, aka “the chipper”.  We had loads of fun – and a chance to enjoy a long Irish summer evening.

While I get ready for the week ahead:

” a commercial spectacle on an enormous scale, revealing some disturbing truths about what we value and admire in women”  Whatever your thoughts on the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner transition, read this piece. A great article that highlights some of the issues that were lost in the media frenzy.

Photo Oops?  These are cringe-worthy, but funny.

Parenting got you down?  Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself to recharge.

This video will make your day. Where are these guys when I have a flight delay?

I took this picture as a part of the #1day12pics challenge.  It is held on the first Saturday of the month.  The goal is to take a picture every hour for 12 hours.  It is harder than in looks!  I made it to 10 yesterday.  Won’t you join in next month?

x Rheagan