Weekend Links

Wow!  The weeks are really flying by now.  Schools here go through the end of June, so I always worry that June is going to last FOREVER, but it is going quickly this year.  Like in the US, so much is jammed into the last weeks of school.  This week, we have 2 birthday parties, dance recital, school sports day, and I’m sure at least one more thing will be thrown into the mix. Here’s hoping for calmer days ahead!

Speaking of summer, I loved this reading list for 7-9 year old boys (and girls).  Hopefully I can convince my son to read a few of these!

No doubt you have read about the comments made by Nobel Laureate scientist Tim Hunt. The responses by female scientists on twitter have been hysterical. #distractinglysexy

Men and maxipads.  Absolutely hilarious, and good social commentary as well.

And related to the above, Panties that could change the world.

Why I Love Peppa Pig.  A great post about what makes good children’s television, and why that matters.  For my US friends, Peppa Pig is a children’s show in the UK/Ireland, about Peppa and her family.  (Also, just stumbled upon Everyday30.com this week.  A great site, especially for UK moms/mums.)

Concrete advice about Raising a Powerful Girl.  Most of the time, I feel like raising boys is straightforward and that raising girls is fraught with challenges. (I’m sure I’ll feel the opposite at some point!)  I loved how these suggestions helped steer the conversation away from appearance, and towards self reliance and confidence.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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