The keys


So this happened today.  We closed on and received the keys to our very own Irish home!  This has been such a long, arduous process and it is still hard for me to believe that the day is here.

It is a 4 bedroom, semi-detached (i.e. duplex) home on a corner lot near Phoenix Park.  It is closer to city centre than our current home, and we love the location.  Semi-detached homes are definitely the standard across Ireland and the UK.   Ours is very much the Irish version of a mid-modern home. It needs a bit of work, but after looking at both completely refurbished homes, and some that had not been modernized, we decided we wanted one that we could put our stamp on.  I’ll get better pictures tomorrow of its current state.  We are having new floors put in before we move, plus a new boiler. (Get excited!) We want to do an extension in the back at some point, but we want to live in it for awhile before making major structural changes.

The kids' first time in the house
Mustard coloured glass in the entryway. We’re rockin’ the 70s now!

Unlike in the US, people in Ireland traditionally only buy one home over their lifetime.  We bought our home from the children of the original owners.  I think the reason Irish people only buy one home is the process takes forever!  We started looking for homes in January, had our offer accepted on this one on May 8, and we just closed TODAY.  TEN WEEKS after the fact.  We didn’t share the news widely, as we were always worried something would happen and the deal would fall through.

But it didn’t, and here we are!  We have decided to stay in Ireland for the time being, and buying a home here really puts that decision into concrete terms. (Literally!)

Apparently, there is an Irish phrase, Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin, which translates “There is no fireplace like your own fireplace.”


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