Sunday Sips

A quiet park. (The very tiny pocket-park, St. Kevin’s Park, in a lovely area of Dublin called The Liberties.)

Are Sundays busy for you?  Or are they truly a day of rest?  Our Sundays are a mix of both.  We usually enjoy a quiet morning at home, read the newspaper, eat brunch as a family, and then walk over to Mass at noon.  Since our early married days, we have kept Sunday morning fairly ‘off limits’.  Of course, that changes as our family gets older, and the ‘stuff of life’ begins to creep in.  Friends, sports, groceries, etc. But I still enjoy our Sunday mornings.  Also, I watched a bit of the Tour de France today “an ghaeilge” (in Irish), on the Irish language channel, TG4 this morning!

For my Muslim, (and foodie) friends, on the last week of Ramadan. These recipes look amazing!

Dear People Who Live in Tiny Houses. Made me laugh out loud!

Expats will probably enjoy this – America explained to non-Americans.

Putting this on my to-do list. A driving tour of Ireland.

For an educated laugh, “How to Speak Foreign Policy“.

I want to see this.  (Thanks for the link, Jacob!)

In relation to my previous post about turnips (yes, my life is THAT exciting), I actually chopped them up and threw them in the pan with the chicken that I roasted today.  They weren’t terrible!  Now, I’m not sure I’d want to eat them all the time, but they weren’t bad.  Success!

Have a great week everyone,

x Rheagan



Sunday Sips

Friday seems to be a difficult time for me to get a post out, so I am going to switch things up a bit and post my weekend links on Sunday.  (Yes, in a perfect world, I would have the posts drafted, and scheduled for publication 3 days in advance, but we run a just-in-time inventory system here!)  This way, I have time to pull together the stories that I find interesting, and you have something to read over your coffee during brunch, or maybe mid-afternoon. It was such a heavy, yet exhilarating week, so here are some decidedly non-political articles for your enjoyment.

What experienced moms (should) do for new moms.

How to spend less on food this summer.

I thought this was a good article about having kids close together.

What do you think about bikinis for little girls? Look for a post on this from me this week.

7 Things you may not know about expat life.  Ireland…ouch! (Full disclosure: I actually participated in this survey.)

For stateside readers, the penultimate ranking of all 50 states.  (By Thrillist…so, you know…take it with a grain of salt.)

I snapped this picture at The Dean Hotel last week.  I thought it was just a lovely sentiment. Have a great day!

 x Rheagan