Last Minute Weekend Links

Happy weekend everyone!

As Sunday draws to a close, I hope you had a great weekend.  Ours was busy, but Brad and I celebrated our 12th anniversary with a very random date last night – a cocktail club, an event at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, and then a trip to the local fish & chips joint, aka “the chipper”.  We had loads of fun – and a chance to enjoy a long Irish summer evening.

While I get ready for the week ahead:

” a commercial spectacle on an enormous scale, revealing some disturbing truths about what we value and admire in women”  Whatever your thoughts on the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner transition, read this piece. A great article that highlights some of the issues that were lost in the media frenzy.

Photo Oops?  These are cringe-worthy, but funny.

Parenting got you down?  Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself to recharge.

This video will make your day. Where are these guys when I have a flight delay?

I took this picture as a part of the #1day12pics challenge.  It is held on the first Saturday of the month.  The goal is to take a picture every hour for 12 hours.  It is harder than in looks!  I made it to 10 yesterday.  Won’t you join in next month?

x Rheagan

Friday Finds – June Bank Holiday!

Hi Everyone –

I hope every one has had a great few weeks. I had family in town, and then we spent a long weekend in London. I’ll have a post next week about our wild adventures – like seeing this charming sign in Marylebone!  This weekend is a three-day weekend in Ireland because Monday is a bank holiday.  The American in me is hoping for warm days, backyard grilling, and enjoying the summer sun.  But this is Ireland.  And nothing says “summer bank holiday” like cool temperatures and wet and windy conditions.  It should make for fun times all around.

While I spend the weekend cursing the weather, hopefully you will get some enjoyment out of these links!

Love the snark in these new words from Urban Dictionary.  Expand your vocabulary!

I live in a UNESCO City of Literature, and I have yet to visit all of these bookshops.

What Estate Agents Say vs. What they really mean. Ha!  As someone who lives over on this side of the pond, I have heard these more times than I can count.  My personal favorite was a home we looked at that was advertised as “not overlooked to the back” (i.e. no neighbors directly behind the home.)  What they really meant:  “Backs up to a PRISON!”

Since we aren’t going to the US this summer, maybe I should plan this road trip instead.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

x Rheagan

Mother’s Day Weekend Links

Happy Saturday!

Sorry for the one-day delay for Friday Finds.  Plenty going on here, just like everyone else.  Mother’s Day in Ireland was nearly two months ago, so beyond my social media, I don’t see any mention of Mothers Day.  I had to buy my mother a generic, yet pretty card because I forgot to buy her card in March.  (Sorry Mother!)   It’s like trying to buy Christmas cards right now – they just aren’t available.  If you celebrate Mother’s Day, have a wonderful day!  If not – you should still have a wonderful day!

Putting the “Tex” back in “texting”.  I am getting these emojis as soon as they are available!

Probably guilty of too many of these.  Sorry Natalie!

Good news for those of us highly-educated moms with three (or more) kids.

Some thoughts on why some men and women fake an 80-hour work week, and how they do it.  I have more to say on this topic, but I think I’ll just leave it for now.

I loved these Empathy Cards.  Such a good way to put a bad experience to good use.

And in honor of Mother’s Day – “7 Things Good Mother’s Do That I’m Not Going to Do Anymore“. Banish the guilt!

Have a great weekend everyone!

x Rheagan

Image via Pinterest.

May Day Friday Finds

Happy May Day Everyone!

It is May Day here in Ireland, and we are headed into a bank-holiday weekend!  Although May Day is technically today, the bank (national) holiday here is on Monday.  May Day is part International Workers’ Day – most similar to Labor Day in the US, and part celebration of spring in Europe.  Of course, you wouldn’t really know that by the weather here.  It was about 45-50F (8-10C) for most of the day, with a brisk north wind to really make you wish you were some place warmer.  Sadly, the weather isn’t expected to improve until Monday, but I’ll keep my hopes up that the Met Office is wrong this time!

While I dream of warm spring weather, here are a few weekend links:

That’s one way to get potholes fixed on your street! (NSFW) Ha!

The key to success is trusting yourself.”  And having a classic wrap dress.

How far would you go for a Nespresso? 😉

Thought-provoking, piece about teaching in an at-risk school.  Really loved this. And apparently it was also picked up by The Washington Post.

People who work 70 hours/week are no more productive than people who work 55 hours/week.  How to use weekends to your benefit.

Womp-womp. Cheesy jokes – great for kids, and anyone else.

I snapped this picture in Temple Bar a few weeks ago.  Such a great juxtaposition of new versus old! Have a great weekend everyone!

x Rheagan

Friday Finds

Hello all!

I met a friend for coffee this morning at this tiny, but amazing, coffee house.  I loved this poster they had tacked to the wall.  Life would probably be more enjoyable for all of us if we had more talking and less wifi.

The weekend is upon us.  Do you have any plans?  After a crazy week, our weekend is almost completely activity-free.  I feel like the weekends are either one extreme or the other – super busy or super quiet.  The weather was beautiful all week long, but the rain has returned just in time for the weekend. Oh happy day.  All that greenery and verdure has to come from somewhere, right?

Kids & Family

Do your kids watch Doc McStuffins?  It’s made right here in Dublin and just won a Peabody award!  Congrats to Brown Bag Films!

My kids love poetry.  Did you know that April is National Poetry Month in the US?  (I didn’t.)  This is a great article about using poetry with kids.   We enjoy reading poems at bedtime.  The ones by Robert Lewis Stevenson are some of our favorites.


Are you apart of the “Oregon Trail Generation“?

Is Intel just throwing money at the tech industry’s diversity problem, or will it move the needle?  Only time will tell.

Expats & Careers

I feel like I’m in the middle of reinventing my career plans (see this post).  Apparently it’s a theme in expat life.

Is becoming the trailing spouse the graveyard of ambition?  (The title seems negative, but I found the post to be really good.)

I have followed Zoe Rooney for awhile.  I loved her thoughts on soft skills and web development.


That’s all from me.  Have a great weekend everyone!

x Rheagan

Friday Finds – Easter Edition

Hello friends!

Happy Easter or Happy Passover to all who are celebrating this weekend.  Is it “Spring Break” where you live?  Here in Ireland (and in most of Europe), students have a 2 week break over Easter.  So life has slowed down a bit, as people enjoy some time off, or leave for a bit of sun!  Fun fact:  You can only buy brown eggs here.  They don’t sell white chicken eggs, so if you want to dye Easter eggs, you either have to buy duck eggs or dye brown ones.  Once dyed, the brown ones have these beautiful deep colours, like the ones above.  A few links for your weekend.

These jokes made me laugh. Or had me stumped. I’ll leave it to you to decide.

Do you think America is obsessed with STEM Education?  Is this a good or bad thing?

Expat parents will enjoy this one.  I loved the analogy of the three concentric circles.

I thought this was an April Fools Joke, but no!  You can actually rent-a-ruminant (a goat!) to clear your unwanted grasses in shrubbery!

Need to kill some time tomorrow?  Here’s a good list of Easter crafts and other ideas for kids.

We’re off to Portugal on Monday.  In theory, we hope to escape the Irish weather and see a bit of sun.  Of course, the forecast in Portugal is for rain next week! Fun times ahead!

Have a great weekend.

x Rheagan

Photo credit: Deann Barrera via Flickr

Friday Finds

Hello all!

Look at this – Friday Finds on a FRIDAY. Who knew?! How was your week?  It was such a strange week here – one day of work and school, and then St. Patrick’s Day holiday, then back to the normal world for a few more days.  The weather was also on-again, off-again rain, but we went on an early evening walk in Phoenix Park one day.  Liesl and Isaac played hide-and-go-seek amongst the huge trees.  You can barely see them at the bottom of the picture. The days are finally getting longer.  I hope your St. Patrick’s Day was full of good cheer and Irish luck!

A few links to get you through the weekend.

Would you rather your child try marijuana or alcohol?

Mathematical equations that changed the world. Proud to say I actually knew most of these!

Empowering books for little girls’ (or little boys’) bookshelves. Several of my favorites made this list.

How to humiliate yourself in Europe.  Definitely guilty on some of these. (Also, in regards to tipping, I have also forgotten to tip in the US – I’m so used to just “rounding up” to the next euro.  Equally embarrassing!)

“There is a difference between being actively challenged and being passively influenced.” A great read about the power social media can have on our lives.

Also – in case you haven’t noticed – the dollar is strong against the euro.  A great time to visit Ireland.  Need more reasons?  Check out these.

See you again next week!

x Rheagan

Happy International Women’s Day! (& Friday Finds)

Happy International Women’s Day – a day to honor achievements by women and to call for greater equality for women worldwide. I only really began to hear about International Women’s Day when I moved overseas.  I’m not sure if that is because it wasn’t as popular until a few years ago, or if it isn’t promoted as much in the US, or both.

Below are some interesting links for International Women’s Day.

13 Amazing Women in the Irish Food Industry.  I have been following Iseult Ward, and her organization, FoodCloud, for awhile now.  (Also, for my non-Irish readers, the list is a fun look at some popular female Irish names!)

In a constant comparison between yourself and other women? Just don’t. (Easier said than done, I know.)

Despite all the good press surrounding the tech industry, why are women leaving in droves?

Of course, not all the press is good.  Have you been following the lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins (the much-admired venture capital firm)? It makes for riveting, if depressing, reading.

An interesting collection of feminists, including one of my favorite authors, Virgina Woolf.

Sometimes, women are our own worst enemy.  But I like her solution.


Friday Finds – Weekend Links (oops!)

This post was intended to be published on Friday, but I was out of town and it just didn’t happen.  Brad had a meeting last week in Berlin, and since my mother was in town to watch the kids, we took in a long weekend.  The picture above is the Berliner Dom, or Berlin Cathedral Church. I’ll post about Berlin later this week – such a lovely city!  Until then, a few links for your Sunday evening reading.

I love how this veteran saw a gap in the market, and started her own business.

Want to be more organized?  You might try one of these habits.

I currently have over 1100 UNREAD emails in my inbox.  My email is a monster.

Good for another laugh – how to appear smarter in meetings!

“Please random stranger, tell me all about the challenges of having too many small children.”  Ha!

Friday Finds

Hello friends!

Happy (almost) Valentine’s/Gal-entines/Singles Awareness Day! Do you have anything special planned?  Brad and I have a very romantic day of kid-schlepping and grocery shopping ahead of us.  We are avoiding the crowds and staying in for Valentine’s Day.  We have become big fans of rugby since moving to Ireland, and the Six Nations’ Tournament is going on right now.  Ireland plays France tomorrow!

Your weekly dose of interesting weekend links from around the internet.

Have you heard of M.M. LaFleur?  It’s a service that specializes in sophisticated clothes for professional women. You fill out a profile and survey, and they ship you a box of clothes based on your preferences.  You’re only charged for the items you keep. I wish they had this service in Ireland!

Stumbled upon this website a few weeks ago.  Love the aesthetic.  Who says you can’t have great taste and kids at the same time?

Have you ever pumped at work?  You’ll love this story.

Considering we got the largest butternut squash I have ever seen in our veg box today, I’m thinking about trying this recipe next week.

I loved this list of 10 “somethings” every child’s room needs.


It rained off and on all day today, but at least it wasn’t windy or as cold as it has been.  Patrick enjoyed stomping in all the puddles, as I snapped this pic.  I think he would be a great advertisement for Travelers Insurance.

Have a great weekend, and if all else fails, just think:  all chocolate will be on sale on Sunday!

x Rheagan