Happy International Women’s Day! (& Friday Finds)

Happy International Women’s Day – a day to honor achievements by women and to call for greater equality for women worldwide. I only really began to hear about International Women’s Day when I moved overseas.  I’m not sure if that is because it wasn’t as popular until a few years ago, or if it isn’t promoted as much in the US, or both.

Below are some interesting links for International Women’s Day.

13 Amazing Women in the Irish Food Industry.  I have been following Iseult Ward, and her organization, FoodCloud, for awhile now.  (Also, for my non-Irish readers, the list is a fun look at some popular female Irish names!)

In a constant comparison between yourself and other women? Just don’t. (Easier said than done, I know.)

Despite all the good press surrounding the tech industry, why are women leaving in droves?

Of course, not all the press is good.  Have you been following the lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins (the much-admired venture capital firm)? It makes for riveting, if depressing, reading.

An interesting collection of feminists, including one of my favorite authors, Virgina Woolf.

Sometimes, women are our own worst enemy.  But I like her solution.