Sunday Sips

Friday seems to be a difficult time for me to get a post out, so I am going to switch things up a bit and post my weekend links on Sunday.  (Yes, in a perfect world, I would have the posts drafted, and scheduled for publication 3 days in advance, but we run a just-in-time inventory system here!)  This way, I have time to pull together the stories that I find interesting, and you have something to read over your coffee during brunch, or maybe mid-afternoon. It was such a heavy, yet exhilarating week, so here are some decidedly non-political articles for your enjoyment.

What experienced moms (should) do for new moms.

How to spend less on food this summer.

I thought this was a good article about having kids close together.

What do you think about bikinis for little girls? Look for a post on this from me this week.

7 Things you may not know about expat life.  Ireland…ouch! (Full disclosure: I actually participated in this survey.)

For stateside readers, the penultimate ranking of all 50 states.  (By Thrillist…so, you know…take it with a grain of salt.)

I snapped this picture at The Dean Hotel last week.  I thought it was just a lovely sentiment. Have a great day!

 x Rheagan